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CD, LP, Cassette to MP3 format

We will turn your CD, LP or Cassette collection into an MP3 digital library. We will convert your digital music to your choice of media: DVD or external device.  All music is converted to 128 Kbps via Variable Bit Rate encoding which is good for most of the population. Higher rates are available for the audiophile ranging from 192-320 Kbps. 

Bit rate refers to the speed that the compressed audio data will travel, or the amount of bits per second.  Think of it another way, in movies and videos, the higher number of frames per second (30 is the standard), the better the picture.  Similarly, the more audio data that flows in a time period, the smoother and clearer the sound.  By and large, many MP3 enthusiasts will convert their music at a rate of 128 kbps (kilobytes per second) without sacrificing sound quality and file size.  However, if you are a musician or if you have a sensitive ear to musical quality, we suggest 160 kbps or better.

Bit rate encoding in three simple options: CBR, ABR and VBR

1. Constant bit rate (CBR) encoding is the standard method used by most encoders.  With CBR encoding, the same number of bits are added to each frame of the audio data regardless if there is silence or a wailing guitar solo.  This method is good to use if you need to predict the size of the encoded file.

2. Average bit rate encoding (ABR) lets you choose an average bit rate and the encoder adds bits where necessary during the encoding process.

3. Variable bit rate encoding (VBR) is a method that seeks to keep the quality of the sound file high throughout the encoding process.  Use this method if you want the best quality possible and are not real concerned about the file size.

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CD to MP3
Convert your CD's into 128 Kbps MP3 digital music.
$1.75 per CD
for 192-320 Kbps, prices vary

  Cassette Tape Conversion
Cassette to MP3 with Noise reduction.
Starts at $25 per Tape
Record / Vinyl Conversion
LP Records to MP3 digital music files.
Starts at $40 per Album
Additional Costs:
DVD supplied by us, add $2.00 per DVD
External Drive supplied by us, at market price
or we can use your device.