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Security Solutions

With over 10 years experience in the security space, we can remove, repair and defend against the following items that will greatly affect your PC enjoyment.

Service Highlights

  • Remove and defend against Spyware
  • Remove and defend against Malware & Root kits
  • Remove and defend against Viruses & Spam
  • Install or provide Encryption Solutions for your Laptop

For the wired or wireless internet connected home or office we can add either a software or hardware based firewall and encryption to defend against attacks and deter people from spying on your data!  Please refer to our Services page.


For those small businesses in the healthcare or financial industry and government contractors, we offer security solutions that will allow you to comply with HIPAA, GLBA, PCI and OMB mandates and will keep your client's data safe.

Lock    Lock    Lock

Whether for home use, Small Business or Entrepreneurial projects we offer Government approved, high grade Full Disk Encryption or File and Folder encryption solutions to guard against loss of data on laptops, desktops and external devices (USBs).  Protect yourself against a lost or forgotten laptop. 



  • FIPS 140-1 level 2 Encryption
  • Password Rest Methods:
  • Remote Password Change: by calling Tech Solutions, M.D. we can together reset your password.
  • Self help: without our assistance, you simply answer a set of questions and it will reset your password.

    Please refer to the Information links page on this topic and give us a call.  Do not be a statistic!